CD recommendations/CD Empfehlungen

Ralph Stanley
"A Distant Land to Roam"
"Motherless Children"

Merle Haggard
"Same Train - A Different Time"

"Blue Yodel #6"
Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash sing a Jimmie Rodgers Medley

Del The Del McCoury Band
"and Woody"

Del McCoury & Woody Guthrie - A Landmark Collaboration at Caramoor!
Del and Woody
Wimmen's Hats - The Del McCoury Band

The Rolling Stones
"Blue and The Rolling Stones
"Blue & Lonesome - In the Studio Lonesome"

Linzay Young & Joel Savoy
"Si tu voudrais marier"

Sidney Bechet and Mezz Mezzrow
Sidney Bechet-Mezz Mezzrow- Minor Swoon (1945)
The Sidney Bechet Society

5 String Flame Thrower
Rob McCoury

"Banjo Riff"
Interview with Rob McCoury

Dear Jean
Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie sings "The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore"

Norman Blade
Wood, Wire & Words

Documentary "Wood, Wire & Words"

Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes (Deluxe Edition)
The New Basement Tapes
Lost on the River
the new basement tape website

Si Kahn: Bristol Bay
Si Kahn in Internet
Save Bristol Bay

Musicians United to Save Bristol Bay


Pete Seeger
with Bernice Reagon & Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick:

Pete Seeger in Internet


Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt: A More Perfect Union

Pete Seeger in Internet
Lorre Wyatt in Internet
"God's Countings on Me, God's Counting on You"


Guy Clark: My Favorite Picture of You
Guy Clark in Internet
"My Favorite Picture of You"
"Hell Bent on a Heartache"


Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait
Bob Dylan in Internet

"Pretty Saro"


Iris DeMent: Infamous Angel
Iris DeMent in Internet

"Let the Mystery Be"

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in Internet
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" in Wikipedia

Tim O'Brien: The Crossing
Tim O'Brien in Internet

Ian Tyson: Lost Herd

Ian Tyson in Internet

ock Boggs; Country Blues: The Complete Early Recordings

The Klezmatics: Wonder Wheel.
The Klezmatics in Internet
Woody Guthrie in Internet

Woody Guthrie: My Dusty Road
Woody Guthrie in Internet

Tom Russell: "The Long Way Around"

Tom Russell in Internet

Levon Helm: "Dirt Farmer"

Levon Helm in Internet

The Descendents. Hawaiian music from the Motion Picture

Bruce Springsteen: "We Shall Overcome"

Bruce Springsteen in Internet

"To What Strange Place - The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929"

Internet: "To What Strange Place"
Internet: "To What Strange Place" -- Ian Nagoski Talks (Feature Short Film)

The Magnolia Sisters: "Stripped Down"
The Magnolia Sister in Internet

Arlo Guthrie: "Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys"

Arlo Guthrie in Internet

Woody Guthrie: "The Dust Bowl Ballads"
Woody Guthrie in Internet

"The Lost Notebooks"

Hank Williams in Internet

Bill Staines: "The Whistle of the Jay"

Bill Staines in Internet

Si Kahn: "New Wood"

Si Kahn in Internet

Mike Seeger: "Third Annual Farewell Reunion"
Mike Seeger in Internet

ss Nasset: "Human Tongue"
Russ Nasset in Internet
review of "Human Tongue"
photos of Russ Nasset

Tom Russell: "Hotwalker"
Tom Russell in Internet

"The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1996."

Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie: "Together"
Pete Seeger in Internet
Arlo Guthrie in Internet

"Frank Proffitt of Reese, NC

Frank Proffitt in Internet

Guy Clark: "Dublin Blues"
Guy Clark in Internet

Bob Dylan: "World Gone Wrong"
Bob Dylan in Internet

Wylie and the Wild West: "Hang-n-Rattle"
Wylie and the Wild West in Internet

Tim Eriksen: "Soul of the January Hills"

Tim Eriksen in Internet

The Gabby Pahinui Band Vol. 1
Gabby Pahinui in Internet

Elliott: A Stranger Here
Jack Elliott in Internet
youTube:Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Grinnin' In Your Face

Utah Phillips: Good Though!
Utah Phillips Blog
youTube:Utah Phillips - Daddy What's A Train?

coal kt
Kathy Mattea: Coal

Kathy Mattea in Internet
you:Tube:Kathy Mattea: "Coal Tattoo"

Jakob Dylan: Women + Country

Jakob Dylan in Internet
Mini-Concert from CD

Pete Seeger: "Rainbow Race / Now / Young Vs. Old"

Pete Seeger appreciation page
youTube:Pete Seeger: "Michael, Row the Row the Boat Ashore"

Don Edwards: "Songs of the Trail"
Don Edwards in Internet
youTube: Don Edwards: "Cattle Call"

Roscoe Holcomb: "The High Lonesone Sound"

youTube: Two songs by Roscoe Holcomb

Pete and Joan Wernick: "Windy Mountain"

Pete Wernick in Internet