CD recommendations/CD Empfehlungen

Rosanne Cash
"The River and the Thread"

"The Sunken Lands"
album trailer

Led Murdock
"Cold Winds"
"Cold Winds/Living Gale"

John Prine
"The Tree of Forgiveness"
"The Road to 'The Tree of Forgiveness"

"The Lonesome Friends of Science"


Ralph Stanley
"A Distant Land to Roam"
"Motherless Children"

Merle Haggard
"Same Train - A Different Time"

"Blue Yodel #6"
Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash sing a Jimmie Rodgers Medley

Del The Del McCoury Band
"and Woody"

Del McCoury & Woody Guthrie - A Landmark Collaboration at Caramoor!
Del and Woody
Wimmen's Hats - The Del McCoury Band

The Rolling Stones
"Blue and The Rolling Stones
"Blue & Lonesome - In the Studio Lonesome"

Linzay Young & Joel Savoy
"Si tu voudrais marier"

Sidney Bechet and Mezz Mezzrow
Sidney Bechet-Mezz Mezzrow- Minor Swoon (1945)
The Sidney Bechet Society

5 String Flame Thrower
Rob McCoury

"Banjo Riff"
Interview with Rob McCoury

Dear Jean
Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie sings "The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore"

Norman Blade
Wood, Wire & Words

Documentary "Wood, Wire & Words"

Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes (Deluxe Edition)
The New Basement Tapes
Lost on the River
the new basement tape website

Si Kahn: Bristol Bay
Si Kahn in Internet
Save Bristol Bay

Musicians United to Save Bristol Bay

Pete Seeger
with Bernice Reagon & Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick:

Pete Seeger in Internet

Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt: A More Perfect Union

Pete Seeger in Internet
Lorre Wyatt in Internet
"God's Countings on Me, God's Counting on You"

Guy Clark: My Favorite Picture of You
Guy Clark in Internet
"My Favorite Picture of You"
"Hell Bent on a Heartache"

Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait
Bob Dylan in Internet

"Pretty Saro"

Iris DeMent: Infamous Angel
Iris DeMent in Internet

"Let the Mystery Be"

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in Internet
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" in Wikipedia

Tim O'Brien: The Crossing
Tim O'Brien in Internet

Ian Tyson: Lost Herd

Ian Tyson in Internet

ock Boggs; Country Blues: The Complete Early Recordings

The Klezmatics: Wonder Wheel.
The Klezmatics in Internet
Woody Guthrie in Internet

Woody Guthrie: My Dusty Road
Woody Guthrie in Internet

Tom Russell: "The Long Way Around"

Tom Russell in Internet

Levon Helm: "Dirt Farmer"

Levon Helm in Internet

The Descendents. Hawaiian music from the Motion Picture

Bruce Springsteen: "We Shall Overcome"

Bruce Springsteen in Internet

"To What Strange Place - The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929"

Internet: "To What Strange Place"
Internet: "To What Strange Place" -- Ian Nagoski Talks (Feature Short Film)

The Magnolia Sisters: "Stripped Down"
The Magnolia Sister in Internet

Arlo Guthrie: "Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys"

Arlo Guthrie in Internet

Woody Guthrie: "The Dust Bowl Ballads"
Woody Guthrie in Internet

"The Lost Notebooks"

Hank Williams in Internet

Bill Staines: "The Whistle of the Jay"

Bill Staines in Internet

Si Kahn: "New Wood"

Si Kahn in Internet

Mike Seeger: "Third Annual Farewell Reunion"
Mike Seeger in Internet

ss Nasset: "Human Tongue"
Russ Nasset in Internet
review of "Human Tongue"
photos of Russ Nasset

Tom Russell: "Hotwalker"
Tom Russell in Internet

"The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1996."

Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie: "Together"
Pete Seeger in Internet
Arlo Guthrie in Internet

"Frank Proffitt of Reese, NC

Frank Proffitt in Internet

Guy Clark: "Dublin Blues"
Guy Clark in Internet

Bob Dylan: "World Gone Wrong"
Bob Dylan in Internet

Wylie and the Wild West: "Hang-n-Rattle"
Wylie and the Wild West in Internet

Tim Eriksen: "Soul of the January Hills"

Tim Eriksen in Internet

The Gabby Pahinui Band Vol. 1
Gabby Pahinui in Internet

Elliott: A Stranger Here
Jack Elliott in Internet
youTube:Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Grinnin' In Your Face

Utah Phillips: Good Though!
Utah Phillips Blog
youTube:Utah Phillips - Daddy What's A Train?

coal kt
Kathy Mattea: Coal

Kathy Mattea in Internet
you:Tube:Kathy Mattea: "Coal Tattoo"

Jakob Dylan: Women + Country

Jakob Dylan in Internet
Mini-Concert from CD

Pete Seeger: "Rainbow Race / Now / Young Vs. Old"

Pete Seeger appreciation page
youTube:Pete Seeger: "Michael, Row the Row the Boat Ashore"

Don Edwards: "Songs of the Trail"
Don Edwards in Internet
youTube: Don Edwards: "Cattle Call"

Roscoe Holcomb: "The High Lonesone Sound"

youTube: Two songs by Roscoe Holcomb

Pete and Joan Wernick: "Windy Mountain"

Pete Wernick in Internet