Das war erstmal das letzte "Lied des Monats". Meine Arbeitssituation macht die Fortsetzung unmöglich.

Lied des Monats

Boxes of Bobbins Februar
Winnsboro Cottonmill Blues Januar

I'm on My Way back to the Old Home Dezember
All Used Up November
Irma Jackson Oktober
The Railroad Corral September
Hunrgy Eyes/They're Tearing the Labor Camps Down August
California Cottonfields Juli
The Telling Takes Me Home Juni
Ballad of Hollis Brown Mai
Blueridge Mountain Refugees/Hills of Home April
Lost Herd März
Many Thousand Gone (No More Auction Block for Me) Februar
Sunrise Januar




The Gather Dezember
Sailing Down My Golden River November
Henri LeBlanc Oktober
Pastures of Plenty September
Take Me Out to the Ballgame August
Spinning Mills of Home Juli
Only a Pawn in Their Game Juni
Pretty Saro Mai
Red, White and Black April
Brookside Strike / Lawrence Jones März
Which Side Are You On? Februar
7 Stacks of the Neversweat Januar

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Dust Storm Disaster Black Waters Aragon Mill Black, Brown and White Amazing Grace
Big Water Crow Fair Blind Willie McTell Bourgeois Blues Backwater Blues
Something in the Rain Galveston Bay By the Rio Grande Buddy, Won't You Roll Down the Line Ballad of Ira Hayes
Pretty Polly The Gift Dry Land Farm Dark as a Dungeon Bread and Roses
The Church in the Wildwood Goodnight Loving Trail Go Down Old Hannah/No More Cane on the Brazos Days of 49 City of New Orleans
Anna Olsen The Keweenaw Light Hell Hound on My Trail Goin' Across the Mountain Dixieland
Crossing the Border North Country Blues Henri LeBlanc Immigant Eyes Follow the Drinking Gourd
Dakota Land Rebecca's Lament Jesse James Low Bridge, Everybody Down The Great American Bum
Motherless Child Single Girl Old Jerome Pat Works on the Railway John Henry
Black Lung Step by Step Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportees) Rolling Down to Old Maui Kiri's Piano
Little Joe, the Wrangler The Vacant Chair Sailing Down My Dirty Stream Tom Dooley The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore
Wagoner's Lad We're Stolen and Sold from Africa Simple Gifts Youngstown The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
      weitere Lieder !! River of the Big Canoes

























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Always a Train in My Dreams Garry Owen Planter's Bar

Bessie and Me

Gone, Gonna Rise Again Power in the Wind
Blue Wing The Grand Coulee Dam The Preacher and the Slave
Bob Fudge Jackhammer John Roll On Owyhee
Cold Missouri Waters Ludlow Massacre Soldier’s Joy
Cowboy's Lament Manzanar Starlight on the Rails
Deep Water, Ice and Snow Mick Ryan's Lament The Range of the Buffalo
Diamond Joe The Miner’s Song White Woman's Clothes
Don't Ask What a River is For No, Not Columbus A Woman’s Life
Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill Old Buddy, Goodnight  
Dust Bowl Refugee The Old Chisholm Trail  
Los Estados Unidos The Old Double Diamond     
The Freedom Song The Pecos Stream  
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